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One of the most sought-after diving specialties is underwater photography. There are so many cameras to choose from, making it more convenient and exciting to capture photos in marine adventures. This activity is widespread with snorkelers and skin divers. Luckily, you now have a forum where you can exchange ideas, ask questions, or chat with passionate underwater photographers like you. Through guidance and useful articles on this site, you will discover how to select the best underwater camera systems, techniques for great and quick shots, principles of taking underwater images with a digital camera, etc.


Scubapost is a platform where you can find awesome photos and information about underwater photography and videography. This is where you meet a huge community passionate about diving, marine conservation, and underwater footage. They are a group of amateur photographers and professionals from all corners of the earth with a common interest- underwater photography. Important features include photo galleries, daily news, travel guides, product reviews, underwater photography techniques, competitions, event calendars, and so on. We host expeditions involving thousands of underwater videographers and photographers from across the world.

A Special Aquatic Experience

Snorkeling and scuba diving leads you to capture breathtaking and unique creatures of the sea with a privileged eye. Getting closer to sharks, dolphins, and turtles offers a great view of the aquatic life. This is an experience that should not be missed. You can now share the same thrilling moments with people with similar passions here at Scubapost.

Inspirational Galleries

At, a massive selection of photos and videos will inspire you to explore new places and meet wonderful species in your next marine expedition. Identify the creatures and find all the inspirations you need. Remember to insert comments and upload photos to inspire new members. Interact with new friends who can give advice on how to sharpen your shooting skills.

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Joining our community is absolutely free, and we can’t wait to have you participate in the forums. Create your profile and start sharing your footage. Don’t hesitate to give feedback to other users. You can view the photo galleries and read the reviews of the most up to date cameras on the market. Make use of the underwater tips in this blog as well. Photographers and videographers of all levels are welcome. Feel free to join our community, whether you are a wide-angle junkie or you prefer shooting stills and videos. Whether you are a macro fanatic or looking to improve your DSLR skills, the use of strobe, or how to point and shoot, you will find all the content you need. We help you to have more fun in the waters by keeping you on your toes in terms of underwater photography.