How to Safeguard Underwater Photography Gear When Traveling

Diving and underwater photography go hand in hand. But those who engage in these activities face a lot of challenges when traveling with their gear. An average diver might find it incredibly difficult to travel with a camera, lenses, casing, port and extensions, color-correcting filters, strobes, focus light, optic

Top Dive Spots to Capture the Best Underwater Photos

When scuba divers connect to the beauty of life below the waters, they inspire the world and save the ocean. Thanks to underwater photography, novice seafarers would never know about the peculiarity of what abounds on the sandy bottoms. Also, many people would never get to see the sophisticated

Practical Tips for Taking Great Photos While Scuba Diving

Are you an aspiring underwater photographer you will want to share memories with the whole world? Since everyone nowadays can take photos, you must find ways to stand out by capturing great images under the waters. You can improve your photography skills while diving with a few secrets. Respect