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UW Photos and Videos

With the Best Shots program, you can add photos that you really enjoy and would like to share with the commity in a very public way. We show these photos throughout the website and the program is the gateway to the Photo of the Day Program. Upload a few photos and share your photos! We love to see underwater photography.
Share your underwater photography with the community. These photos are displayed on a daily basis in the forum and on the Photo of the Day Page. Use the Best Shots program to share your photos. Each monthly set of photos will be searchable and be viewable through a flash slideshow. If you like a photo, share it with your friend through our email program. We plan to add ratings and comment on each photo.
We have created a program which allows members to add their photos to our species-specific archive we call the Field Guide. Most scuba photos are shown a few times then are never seen again. With this program, your photos can be viewed repeatedly and help other divers identify underwater species. Using this program will greatly enhance your knowledge of the undewater world. Our archive is only as good as the contributers, so we welcome everyone’s participation. Check it out and help it grow!
Our videos page allows you to add a link of your underwater videos to our archive. You can easily post your videos on and post the link in our videos page. Just add your video through the video control panel by pasting your link. We will grab your icon and add it to the archive. We love underwater video so don’t be shy!.