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The forums offer a range of topics about scuba diving. We provide forums to organize dives, discuss local events, discuss diving conditions, underwater photography, dive equipment, and more. The community
Scuba Blogs
Our Blogging system allows you to have your own blog on All of your posts can be posted to the forums by enabling the comment system; people can then comment in the forum and those comments will show on the blogs. Not only can you blog your own dive reports, but also you can blog about a multitude of articles in our RSS feed section. Just click the B next to the article to add it to your blog or post it over to the forum.
Our community calendar allows you to keep informed of the community’s activities. You can also post your dives or scuba-related activities. If you organize a dive, please add it to the calendar so others can join you.
Scuba Links
Our links page contains dozens of website links to information on the web. You can add your own links and rate the links
SP Events
Throughout the year Scubapost will have special events like boat dives charters, dive BBQ’s, and weekend dive trips around the Southern California area. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun.